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                                        JOB TITLE: Midday Supervisory Assistant


RESPONSIBLE TO: Senior Supervisory Assistant under the general direction of the Headteacher


JOB PURPOSE: To be responsible, during the midday break, for the safety and general welfare and proper conduct of pupils






Main duties and responsibilities:


1. Supervision of pupils immediately before, during and after the midday meal.

This includes pupils who have a school meal as well as those who bring their own food.


2. Supervision of hand washing as required.


3. Supervision of pupils’ entry into the dining room, including any walk or journey to the dining room which might be required.


4. Assistance for pupils where necessary to carry trays etc to table and to return empty dishes etc to service counter.


5. Assistance for pupils where necessary to cut up food and guidance on the proper use of cutlery; assistance in the clearance of any spillage etc if required.


6. Taking such steps as are necessary when pupils are sick, carrying out minor first aid and summoning any assistance needed to deal with injuries or illness.


7. Supervision of pupils in the playground or other area of the school as required, dealing with any incidents of inappropriate pupil behaviour in line with the school’s Behaviour Management Policy. Organising play/games as appropriate inside school on wet days.


8. To maintain confidentiality at all times in respect of school-related matters and to prevent disclosure of confidential and sensitive information.


9. To undertake any other duties of a similar level and responsibility as may be required.