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‘A Values School’


Home learning in Acorns


Look what we've been doing!

Belle has been taking her dog for a walk.
Belle enjoying climbing on her walks.
Brilliant writing Jake!
Jake and his brother Lewis making nature pictures
Jackson's super beepbot
Olivia is working hard on her handwriting & maths
Reggie has made a super robot
Reggie working hard on a symmetrical butterfly
Reggie enjoying fishing at home
Reggie's caterpillar has turned into a butterfly
Reggie investigating with weighing
A beautiful giraffe made by Danny
Danny helping to wash the car
Super writing Danny
Danny has been learning to play the guitar
Brilliant letters Danny!
Bella has been doing some brilliant reading
Connor let his butterflies free
Eden enjoying her walk
 Isobel's cycling medal
Isboel made a robot cat puppet
Linda drew a brilliant balloon picture
Danny's wonderful Capt Tom birthday sign
Phoenix and Sienna doing Mrs Foulds' Science
Phoenix completing his Carol Vorderman challenge
Rudy exploring his local area on his walk
Rudy keeping his unicorn dry in the rain
Rudy looking after his new baby duckling
Sophie's amazing Minibeast art! Wow!
Theo having lots of fun jumping in puddles
Jackson made friends with some cows
Reggie and his snail trail
Reggie's Picasso painting
Reggie's yummy homemade dandelion honey!
Renaiah super minibeasts and writing!
Renaiah's sparkly butterfly
Ted has some great den making skills
What a lovely butterfly Reggie!
What amazing writing Ryder!
Emily's robot
Renaiah baking something yummy
Abigail painting a bird house
Abigail PE lessons with Joe Wicks
Bella made a robot friend who she named Lily
Bella making minibeast cupcakes
Bella's sunny bike ride
Bella hard at work creating rainbow pictures
Connor making his minibeast
Connor practising taking away
Connor using Numicon to help with his adding
Connor working with daddy to make his bug hotel
Ellie on her minibeast hunt
Flax handwriting practise
Flax making cakes
Georgia enjoying splashing in puddles
Georgia spotted a duck and ducklings
Harrison's super handwritng practise
Harrison working hard on adding
Hasan doing some baking
Hasan practising cutting skills and shapes
Isobel found something rather surprising!
Isobel made a minibeast
Jake and The Bad Tempered Ladybird
Jake pressed some beautiful flowers
Maisie on a woodland adventure

Lockdown Staff Fun - can you spot your teacher?

Head of EY Mrs Di-Folco with Theo,1 yr old Lop

Welcome to Acorns


Reception is an exciting time in a child’s school life and we are committed to providing the best possible introduction to learning. We follow the Early Years Curriculum which is play based in a creative, vibrant manner in both our inside and outside environments. We work closely with parents and pre-schools prior to the start of the Autumn term to ensure a smooth transition. Children learn best when they feel happy and safe and their emotional wellbeing is paramount.


In the Autumn term, we observe the children closely to match learning to their interests and needs, and these are then incorporated into our planning alongside the other topics we follow through the year. Children learn letter sounds through the Jolly Phonics scheme which links actions to sounds and has very catchy songs to support their learning. As the school year progresses, our literacy and maths teaching becomes more structured in order to prepare the children for future school life.


Children are able to access their own learning and are taught how to use items safely. Healthy snacks and drinks are always available and children are taught how to be self-sufficient in selecting their food choice and clearing up after themselves.


We visit the local Church to celebrate Harvest Festival and put on performances to parents and the rest of the school at Christmas. In the summer term, Safari Stu comes to visit with his wonderful collection of animals.



This year our topics have been:


Autumn 1: Do you want to be friends?

Autumn 2: Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

Spring 1: What is a reflection?

Spring 2: Will you read me a story?

Summer 1: Why do ladybirds have spots?

Summer 2: Are we there yet?


World Book Day 2020