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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Led by Mr Peter Neale, the Governing Body of Marston Moreteyne VC School is a group of parents, staff and members of the local community who work together to ensure the smooth running of our school and that the children receive the best possible education whilst they are with us.
Our governors:
  • agree the ethos and aims of the school
  • fulfil statutory obligations
  • determine strategy
  • set targets, objectives and monitor progress
  • approve annual budget
  • review policies


To find out more about our governors, please contact the Chair of Governors through the school office.


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Contact email address:

Clerk to the Governors: Mrs Jo Reeder

Our Governors




Term of Office


Peter Neale


Partnership Sept 19 - Aug 23 Health & Safety

Chris Sweetnam

Vice Chair

Foundation Sept 20 - Aug 24 SEND
Rev Gill Webb Foundation Sept 19 - Aug 23

Year 4

Gifted & Talented

Gavin Barnstaple Co-opted Sept 19 - Aug 23

Year 4

Physical Development

Sue Clarke Local Authority Sept 19 - Aug 23 Assessment
Diane Wigley Co-opted Sept 19 - Aug 23


Every Child Matters

Lisa Lee Associate Sept 19 - Aug 23


Sarah Chick Parent Sept 19 - Aug 23 Knowledge & Understanding of the World
Sonia Pritchard Parent Sept 19 - Aug 23



Tom Underhill Parent Sept 19 - Aug 23

Year 3


Creative Development

MIchael Green Foundation Sept 19 - Aug 23 Year 2
Rebecca Eames Parent Sept 20 - Aug 24

Year 1

Communication, Language & Literacy

Brian Storey Headteacher Sept 19 - Aug 23  




Governor Attendance 2020/2021


(X indicates absence from meeting)



Sep 20

Oct 20 Nov 20 Dec 20 Jan 21 Feb 21
Peter Neale            
Chris Sweetnam            
Diane Wigley            
Tom Underhill       X X  
Gavin Barnstaple   X        
Gill Webb       X    
Michael Green   X        
Sonia Pritchard            
Sue Clarke   X   X    
Sarah Chick X       X  
Rebecca Eames X     X    
Brian Storey            
Lisa Lee         X  
Nicky Straccia       X    


Register of Pecuniary Interest




Trustees, Directorships, Associations

Memberhip of Professional Bodies, Special Interest Groups

Contractual Relationship with School

Other Potential Conflicts

Interests of Close Family Members

Gavin Barnstaple



Chartered Institute of Bankers (Scotland)




Sarah Chick

Wootton Academy Trust (from Jan 21)

Education Advisory Group - British Scienced Association None None None

Son in Year 4 (FE)

Sue Clarke CBC

Harpur Trust Trustee; Trustee Heart Multi Academy Trust; Lead Member for Children's Services (CBC); Parish Councillor, Cranfield Parish Council; Chair of East Westr Rail Council Consortium for CBC

Wildlife Trust and National Trust Member


None None None
Rebecca Eames None

Teacher for Milton Keynes Council;

Representative of St Marys Church

NAHT None None Son ibn Year 1 (FE), Husband teaches at Holywell Middle School
Michael Green None None None None None Wife is Vice Chair of Parish Council
Lisa Lee Marston Moreteyne VC School None NEU Employee None None
Peter Neale None Parish Councillor None None None None
Sonia Pritchard

Self Employed

"Ask Sonia"

Associate Member of CIPD None None Occasionally sings in choir who use FE site None
Brian Storey Marston Moreteyne VC School None None Employee None Wife is Motional Therapist at MMVCS
Christine Sweetnam Marston Moreteyne VC School None None None None None
Rev Gill Webb None

Chair of Marston Charities

Associated Priest of St Marys Church, Marston

None None None None
Diane Wigley None None None None None None
Nicky Straccia None None None Employee None None



Declaration of Governor Interests