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‘A Values School’


Transition Videos will soon be available, so watch this space! Holywell, Alameda & Marston Vale Middle Schools have all produced information for children moving into Year 5 too.

Home learning in Oak


Look what we've been doing!

A Mr Maples acrostic by Poppy
Daisy and Emily turned Ted into King Alfred
Daisy and Emily making Viking breas
Daisy and Emily's Viking runes
Poppy's brilliant DT
Imogen and Ruby made some delicious rocky road
Poppy's Lion Poem
Emily's Anglo-Saxon drawing
Emily's Anglo-Saxon God work
Emily's Anglo-Saxon Goddess work
Emily's work on Gods and Godesses
Maisie Glenister's super saxon boat!
Poppy has been busy crafting
Daisy researching Sutton Hoo in her new uniform
Maisie has made a super Anglo-Saxon House
Maisie experimenting with cloth
Maisie working hard on her sewing
A brilliant boat design by Maisie
Maisie's Anglo-Saxon doll couture
Maisie's Pollock inspired art
Niamh Viking research
Wow! Niamh's mucho mathso
Poppy's pop up card to the Daniels twins
Summer's brilliant boat
Summer has made a great Anglo-Saxon boat
Harry is a ferocious Saxon warrior
Jack's cooking something delicious
Lilly's fantastic Anglo-Saxon & Viking fact poster
George's Anglo-Saxon boat with pen for the animals
Joshua built this Viking Long Boat on Minecraft
Niamh's beautiful art inspired by Mrs Straccia
Jack's super Saxon boat
Maisie has been busy cooking
Why not try Maisie's Anglo-Saxon cake recipe?
Maisie's been busy cooking flapjacks
Maisie's Saxon king wall hanging
Niamh 'You Rock' nominations
Niamh's 'You Rock' to Mr Maples and Mrs Guthrie
Niamh's fantastic Saxon boat
Emily's Saxon shield.
Imogen has drawn a Saxon
Imogen and her sister's brilliant drawings
Imogen made yummy sausage rolls
Ella's wand
Ella wizarding robe!
Emily's brilliant art work
Maisie climbing
Maisie's delicious cocktail
Maisie learning about condensation
Maisie Picasso artwork
Maisie working hard to recreate Picasso
Niamh's butterfly
Niamh and Orla have been busy in the kitchen
Niamh's wand
Emily working hard at home
Finished hedgehog home
Finlay's super den
Josh and Isabella working hard
Josh's fantastic hedgehog house
Joshua making the hedgehog house
Ella made Miss Long's banana bread
Ella's baking
Harry practicing his golf
Harry is a cat
Harry investigating melting
Harry Science experiments
Jack investigating with a frozen sock
Liam H and his bee
Liam's stress balloons
Sonia's and Ella's ostrich
Maisie bubbles
Maisie delicious chocolate hearts
Maisie Lego creation
Maisie's mixture
Maisie's potion
Maisie and Reggie's tiedye t-shirts
Jack's death bubble potion BEWARE
Jack busy writing his potion labels
Bodi and Finlay playing in the sand
Jack's Marvellous Medicine
Joshua's brilliant chameleon artwork
Ayaaz's delicious cakes
Ayaaz potion experiment
Ayaaz working hard on some Science
Ayaaz investigating viscosity
George's recipe
George trying his homemade scones
George's scones
Katie stirring her potion
Katie making magical potions
Ruby, Imogen and Simba the cat with yummy cakes
Will and Ed's obstacle course
Emily Welch working hard at home
Emily's fantastic work
Jake's imaginative creature
Jasmine working creatively at home
Jasmine working hard
Finlay's finished Garden Myth and Legends Map
Finlay working hard on his map
Jake outside picture
Jake's garden art
Jasper experimenting with Andy Warhol
Jasper's potion bottle
Lucas' shrinking potion
Poppy's fantastic drawing with Rob
Poppy's fsuper drawing with Rob
Poppy's brilliant drawing with Rob
Josh making potion bottles
Josh in his Reading Den.
Josh toasting yummy marshmallows
Joshua and his potion
Lily working hard with her super drawings
Niamh and Orla's lockdown T-Shirts

Welcome to Oak!





Year 4 is always an action packed, exciting and memorable year as the children celebrate their time at lower school and prepare for transition to middle school. As part of their transition, the children participate in many sports festivals and competitions, meeting new faces and showcasing their sporting abilities. In addition, we provide the children with experiences such as PGL, a three-day residential trip to Lincolnshire, and Bikeability, where the children learn how to safely navigate the roads on two wheels, to only further develop their confidence and middle school readiness.



Our Year 4 topics provide lots of opportunities for the children to develop their independent learning and research skills. Our learning is taken outside of the classroom including visits, snack pack sales to parents and Topic days filled with dressing up and creativity. Learning across the curriculum, the children are able to embed their understanding, breaking the ceiling to their learning through innovation activities which always prove to be challenging yet exciting.




Our current topics are:

Autumn 1: I Am Warrior – The Romans in Britain Autumn 2: World War Two

Spring 1: Blue Abyss – A look at our oceans Spring 2: Road Trip to the USA

Summer 1: Bottom, Burps and Bile – The human digestive system Summer 2: Potions




As the oldest in the school, the children are trusted with increasing responsibility; setting a fantastic example to the younger years, helping in assemblies and assisting with the daily running of life at Church End. We finish the year with a showcase of their talents with a performance full of singing, dancing and amazing acting! Then, during our final week we enjoy a reward trip to Gulliver’s before our last day and special leaver’s assembly.


Welcome to Oak!

World Book Day

Year 4 Overview 2019