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‘A Values School’

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Marston Moreteyne VC School

‘A Values School’

Our Ethos, Aims and Values

Marston Moreteyne VC School is a ‘Values School’. We advocate values based education because we believe that this best promotes high self-esteem and high standards of behaviour resulting in the highest possible achievement!


At our school we aim to help learners to:-

  • communicate with others effectively to establish and develop personal relationships, and to interpret and express ideas, opinions, impressions and experiences.
  • develop lively, imaginative and creative minds with the ability to question, argue rationally and to apply themselves to the tasks with others or independently as appropriate.
  • establish and develop an understanding of self and the need to develop, care and protect body and mind.
  • develop skills, interests and enthusiasms which enhance leisure and the quality of life.
  • develop an understanding of the world which appreciates the forces and influences which impact on our lives and the interdependence of individuals, groups, nations and the environment.
  • develop an understanding of the multi-cultural nature of society and to foster respect for those with different cultures, faiths and ways of life.
  • develop the ability to interpret experiences and use them in considering ultimate questions concerning the meaning and value of life.
  • develop the capacity within a fast-changing world to apply knowledge and skills relevant to life and employment, a particularly important element being the development and application of information communication and technical skills.

Mutual Respect

Staff, children and parents have high expectations of each other and good manners are promoted throughout the school.

We are actively involved in the community.  The children are proud of their village and recognise the value of their contributions to the people in it.

Fundraising events for the school and other charities are very well supported.

All children are given key responsibilities around the school.



Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Our RE and PSHE curriculum provides pupils with the knowledge and understanding of different faiths, religions and cultures.

We celebrate Christian festivals and festivals from other religions throughout the year.

We have links with schools in Ghana and Uganda w►here we sponsor a child called Evasta.

We promote children’s understanding of the global community though learning about and donating to charities in third world countries.



We have an active school council who are democratically elected and play an important part in everyday school life.


We regularly seek the opinions of pupils and parents through questionnaires, informal discussions and parent consultations.


Rule of Law

We have a clear behaviour policy that has high expectations for the whole school community.


Each class have their own set of specific rules that have been created together.


We have clear internet safety rules and pupils are regularly encouraged about being safe when using technology both at school and at home.


We have clear safeguarding procedures that follow current regulations.

Well-being & resilience

British Values