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Home learning in Sycamore


Look what we've been doing!

A creeper fairy door decorated by Connor
Connor's lockdown memories
Joey's Pirate parrot has come to life!
Millie has been finding out about Captain Cook
Millie edited her story to include more adjectives- great job!
Sienna's brilliant galleon picture with labels!
Amy's super tall sunflower, 8ft 2 inches!
Harry has been enjoying learning about pirates
Brilliant homophone work Imogen and Ted!
Pirate Imogen's message in a bottle
Leonard's Titanic story and brilliant illustration
William's magnificent Galleon ship
 Ahoy there Pirate Ruby!
Finlay's been working hard on a model titanic
Olivia's brilliant porthole art
Olivia enjoyed trying the foil boat challenge
Tommy's super porthole
Millie's been packing for a voyage on the Titanic
Millie has been finding out all about the Titanic
Blake visited Ampthill and saw the bee hives
Imogen's brilliant porthole
Great experimenting Harry!
Cameron's super Titanic work
Eddie has been solving problems in Maths
Eddie retold the story of the titanic- great work!
Eddie's suitcase for a journey on the Titanic
Ruby and Imogen made some delicious rocky road
Millie has been learning about Icebergs
Brilliant problem solving in Maths by Millie
Super lighthouse artwork by Millie
Millie's diary about life in a lighthouse
William's porthole drawing- brilliant work!
An amazing Lego lighthouse by Mattheo
Imogen's Just so story
Imogen has made a great bird feeder
Imogen's fantastic home learning
A brillant RNLI poster by Olivia
Olivia has been learning hard about Grace Darling
Harry's super lighthouse using our videos
A brilliant lighthouse picture by Tommy
Tommy's dairy free ice cream
 Alex has found out about Grace Darling's life
Alex's school sunflower has grown so tall!
Great work completing the timeline Alex
All about the RNLI by Eddie
An interview with Grace Darling by Eddie
Homophone work by Eddie
Leonard's lighthouse
Ruby has been busy baking quiche and scotch eggs
 Cameron made and enjoyed his own ice cream
Lewis used Mrs Blazeby's video to make a bee kazoo
Daniel has made a bird feeder
A crab story by Henry
Henry illustrating his story
Lewis and Jake were busy shelling peas
Lewis has build a brilliant den
Evie's volcano experiment
 A ukulele made by Evie
Evie's brilliant board game
Delicious bumble bee cakes by Evie
Information on the RNLI by William
William's RNLI information
Millie made a brilliant bee watering station
Millie has been working hard with money in Maths
How to make a honey sandwich by Millie
A brilliant lighthouse picture by Ruby
 Ruby has made some delicious sausage rolls
Bella's Andy Goldsworthy inspired art
Ava's Andy Goldsworthy inspired art
Chloe's Andy Goldsworthy inspired art
Caitlin's Andy Goldsworthy inspired art
Homemade ice cream by Connor
Super division by Alex
Alex has been working hard on time
Alex's brilliant Father's Day card
Amazing artwork- sea shells by Leonard
Leonard's super shark story
Ava's bee artwork
Brilliant bees by Chloe
Caitlin's super art
Stay safe at the beach by Maya
Maya's brilliant Geography work
Eddie's super beach poster
Brilliant division by Eddie
Eddie has written a brilliant crab story
A fantastic Titanic picture by Eddie
Henry's brilliant beach poster
A beautiful Father's Day card by Daniel
 Ruby working hard with her Maths
William's beach safety poster
How to stay safe at the beach by William
Lewis' egg & bottle vacuum Experiment
Lewis has made a self-watering pot
Delicious cherry cupcakes by Lewis
A brilliant bee poster by Lewis
Orla has been working hard with money amounts
The life cycle of a bee by Orla
 Issy has enjoyed learning about bees
Issy's brilliant bees
Save our bees- a poster by Issy
Fantastic fractions by Issy
Issy wrote a letter to a newborn baby bee
Millie's brilliant save the bee poster
Eddie's work on the life cycle of a bee.
 Eddie has made a delicious sandwich
Eddie has worked hard with fraction
A brilliant bee poster by Eddie
Sienna is working hard on her key words
A brilliant bee by Lyla
Amy has made a fantastic bee hotel
 Amy painting rocks
A beautifully painted rock by Amy
Alex has worked out the value of his spellings
Alex's super poster inspired by Mrs Thacker
Leonard has made a fantastic honeycomb structure
Leonard's brilliant writing
Sienna has solved the multiplication mosaic
Henry has found out how bees make honey
Anika's been working hard finding out about bees
Matipa's work on food chains
Matipa made a clock to practice telling the time
Matipa helping to make dinner
A toy lion sewn by Evie
Fantastic use of the column method by Evie
Evie has found out how bees make honey
Orla has been inspired by Mrs Straccia's video
Orla's bee craft
Millie's work on how bees make honey
Millie's fantastic writing about honey
Millie's super maths families
Millie's brilliant letter to a baby bee
Wow! Bee-utiful bee artwork by Millie
Millie's hexagon maths problem solving
Olivia working hard to solve maths problems
William made a fantastic papier mache bee
Brilliant crafting by Connor
Finlay has found out how a bee hive works
Alex's honeycomb art
Sienna rescued a young crow
Sienna's research on bees
Maya found out how honey is made
Ruby has been working hard on odd and even numbers
Eddies letter to a baby bee
Maisie's instructions on how to make honey
William cycled an amazing 120 miles
Leonard has been working hard labelling a bee
Alex completed an investigation on floating
Alex's name art using newspaper letters
Roland drew a hot air balloon
Issy's beautiful hummingbirds
Eddie working hard on a painting
Eddie's minibeast science work
Sienna's hot air balloon drawing
Blake's acrostic minibeast poem
Emily's finished bird house
Sienna painting her bird box
Sienna's home learning
Ava's painting rocks
Maya's life cycle of a butterfly
Maya's minibeast
Davi completed the maths challenge
Isabella painting a hedgehog house
Emily working hard to make a bird house
Lewis' short story
Lewis playing patience
Orla's brilliant problem solving
Animal food made by Orla
Lewis' VE day baking
Eddie's turtle story
Lyla's minibeast research
Kaiden's symmetrical butterfly
Calvin solved the multiplication mosaic
William's sunflower is now taller than him!
Evie's bunny wedding with hand sewn outfits
Sienna's chameleon
Millie's painted stones
Millie's Just so story
Issy made a picture using her painted rocks
Zuzanna solved the maths problem
Millie used powerpoint to create a poster
Millie's endangered animal research
Abigail's fantastic bird feeder and elephant
Connor staying fit with the Body Coach
Connor's homemade volcano experiment
Connor's brilliant research
Lyla's just so story
Lyla's brilliant toilet roll animals
Millie has made a turtle from fruit!
Alex's thank you card for his postman
Leonard's super work on chameleons
Eddie has been working hard at home
Eddie's chameleon facts
Maya has been researching chameleons
Evie has made a bug hotel
Evie's brilliant food chains
Cameron's colourful chameleons
Cameron has been working hard on his family tree
Cameron's food chains
Henry has found out about his family tree
An amazing bedroom mural painted by Joey
Amy's food chain science work
Lewis has pressed some beautiful flowers
Brandon's sunflower is growing tall
Isabella's chameleon picture
Lyla has been finding out about the Romans
Zuzanna's fabulous artwork
Sienna's brilliant family tree
William's chameleon
William has completed a first aid course
Lyla's research on chameleons
Millie has made a bird feeder from a milk bottle
Eddie's bird feeder
Sienna wrote a pet care leaflet
Ava and her brother in the newspaper!
Lyla has been finding out about mummification
Lyla's family tree
Alex's amazing tie dye
Alex's interview with his grandparents
Lewis calculated the area of his garden
Darcie has found out about different species
Issy's book review
Evie's delicious duffins (Donut Muffins!)
Evie has designed her own theme park
Evie's rabbit pet care leaflet
Blake has been doing lots of experimenting
Orla and Niamh's lockdown t-shirts
Lewis has been working hard in the garden
Orla's family tree
Finlay supporting Captain Tom Moore
Lyla found out about St George's Day
Ruby's cat in the style of Romero Britto

World Book Day

Welcome to Sycamore!

Year 2 is an exciting and interactive year of learning. Children in Year 2 become more independent and explore a wide curriculum through topic based learning. We experience learning both inside and outside the classroom with visits locally to the Marston Vale Millennium Country Park, Woburn Safari Park and further afield as we visit the National Space Museum in Leicester. In the summer term we are visited by Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue to teach us important lifesaving skills and raise awareness of fire safety in the home.

We embrace an active curriculum throughout the year and the children take part in Forest school activities in a variety of curriculum areas including Literacy, Maths, Art and PE. Children are given the opportunity to participate in multi-sport events organised by Redbourne Upper School and in the summer term we enjoy cooling down in our very own school swimming pool with regular lessons - when the weather permits!

Our curriculum in Year 2 continues to provide opportunities for our children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as problem solve and work in small groups to present information to our school friends and parents during innovation weeks. Each half term the children are introduced to a new topic and this is always an exciting week with plenty of adventures and opportunities to dress up!

Our Current Topics are:

Autumn 1

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Autumn 2

Moon Zoom!

Spring 1


Spring 2

The Secret Garden

Summer 1

Pounce, Roar, Wriggle and Crawl

Summer 2

Land Ahoy!


Children are then given opportunities through the curriculum to develop important skills and they then apply these skills during Innovate Week. This year we have made our own art gallery and invited parents in to view our work, created animal habitat boxes and presented them to our peers, invited Year 1 to our classroom to discover and test out knowledge of space and we finish the Year with a Pirate assembly for Year 2 parents to showcase our Pirate dance and sea shanties.




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