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Photo Gallery of Home Learning

A minibeast poem by Blake, great writing!

Emily's finished bird house!

Sienna's bird box!

A great menu by Blake

Sienna has been busy!


Painted rocks by Ava

Alphabetical Order Work  by Ava


Maya's minbeast work


Yummy cake Ruby

Look what's been happening at home!

Amazing Maths work Orla, your book looks great!

Wow, Orla, you've made your lunch into a crab.  Looks fab!


Davi is busy working hard on his Maths Challenge, great work!

Isabella and Joshua working hard on their hedgehog house.

Emily and her Dad are making a bird house, can't wait to see it finished!


Yummy, some great baking in preparation for VE day.

Lewis enjoying a game of patience, keep going!

Impressive work Lewis!


Lewis is enjoying this brilliant story!

Eddie's turtle story!

Some Maths problem solving by Eddie


Some impressive research on Minibeast, well done Lyla!

Gorgeous rock painting by Lyla!

A very happy looking caterpillar by Ruby!

A brilliant symmetrical butterfly by Kaiden, super job!

Working hard on multiplication Calvin, well done!


Look at Williams sunflower. It's taller than him, show us when it flowers!

A brilliant bunny wedding...cakes, invitations, great weather for it Evie!

Evie's beautiful ocean habitat. Looks amazing!


An amazing "Just So" story by Millie.

Millie's painted stones, they look great!

Issy's lovely picture, made using stones, looks amazing!

Zuzanna has been busy working on her Maths, looks like a great puzzle!


Millie has designed a poster using her computer skills, super job!

Millie's research all about  endangered animals.

Abigail has made a lovely bird feeder and toilet roll animal, great job

Everyone loves a bit of Joe Wicks, keep going Connor!


Connor, that volcano experiment looks fun...and messy! 

Great work researching Puffins Connor!



Super Story Lyla!


Brilliant toilet paper animals by Lyla!


What a lovely fruit animal Millie!



Super Millie! Great language work.


That's a lovely card Alex! Well done, impressive hair too!!


Wow Maya, your chameleon on a rainbow is amazing! Super work!


Great work Leonard!


Chameleon facts by Eddie, very neat work!


That bug hotel looks great, let's hope you get some guests staying!


A brilliant food chin Evie!


Another crazy  Chameleon, well done Cameron!

Some fabulous food chain work Cameron







Henry has made a brilliant family tree, well done.


Wow Joey, your new space room looks amazing, great painting skills!


An amazingly colourful chameleon by Millie, look at all the different materials!


Some great work on food chains by Amy, well done!


Wow, those pressed flowers look amazing Lewis!

Some lovely joined up spelling practise too! Well done Lewis

A café for Bears, hope they like the food Blake!


Look at Brandon's pea plant, it will be as tall as you soon!

Another great chameleon, well done Isabella!



Lyla has been researching the Romans, great work.


Zuzanna's lovely artwork, looks great.


A brilliant family tree by Sienna! Love the photos on it!


William has completed a First Aid Course, great job!

Chameleon Creation by William! I The curly tongue looks great!

Chameleon Creation by Ruby!

Lyla's amazing creation!

Lyla has done some super writing, all about chameleons, well done.


Ruby has made some very tasty looking brownies! Does the cat get one?



A fantastic bird feeder made by Millie, the birds will love it!


Sienna D has been an absolute spelling champ! Amazing work.


Joey has been painting his bedroom, great job!


Lyla has been busy creating a super family tree, great work!

Lyla's work on mummification, some amazing facts!


Ava and Arlo made it into a national paper...amazing!


Eddie is busy making a great bird feeder for his garden, the birds will love it!


A vey informative Pet Care leaflet Sienna!


Lewis has been making 3D models 


A lovely family tree by Alex F


Some great tie dye from Alex F


Evie has designed her own theme park...looks fun!

She has baked some delicious muffins too, so busy.


Lewis in S3 has been calculating the area of his garden! Impressive work


Darcie has been learning about different animal types, excellent work!



Maya has been busy creating her family tree.


A great jungle habitat, very creative 


Some great writing from Maya, all about a pet parrot! Well done.


A brilliant film review by Issy, I want to watch it now!


Mattheo has created a short story and used his keyboard skills too!


Evie in Sycamore 1 has created her own pet care leaflet, great idea!


Finlay dressing up as Captain Tom!


Lyla has done some great writing about St Georges Day


Ruby's cat in the style of Romero Britto


Science with Blake


Baking with Cameron


Gardening with Lewis


Orla's family tree


Lockdown T shirts by Orla (and Niamh!)




A bear menu from Blake

A bear menu from Blake 1

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Welcome to Sycamore!

Year 2 is an exciting and interactive year of learning. Children in Year 2 become more independent and explore a wide curriculum through topic based learning. We experience learning both inside and outside the classroom with visits locally to the Marston Vale Millennium Country Park, Woburn Safari Park and further afield as we visit the National Space Museum in Leicester. In the summer term we are visited by Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue to teach us important lifesaving skills and raise awareness of fire safety in the home.

We embrace an active curriculum throughout the year and the children take part in Forest school activities in a variety of curriculum areas including Literacy, Maths, Art and PE. Children are given the opportunity to participate in multi-sport events organised by Redbourne Upper School and in the summer term we enjoy cooling down in our very own school swimming pool with regular lessons - when the weather permits!

Our curriculum in Year 2 continues to provide opportunities for our children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as problem solve and work in small groups to present information to our school friends and parents during innovation weeks. Each half term the children are introduced to a new topic and this is always an exciting week with plenty of adventures and opportunities to dress up!

Our Current Topics are:

Autumn 1

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Autumn 2

Moon Zoom!

Spring 1


Spring 2

The Secret Garden

Summer 1

Pounce, Roar, Wriggle and Crawl

Summer 2

Land Ahoy!


Children are then given opportunities through the curriculum to develop important skills and they then apply these skills during Innovate Week. This year we have made our own art gallery and invited parents in to view our work, created animal habitat boxes and presented them to our peers, invited Year 1 to our classroom to discover and test out knowledge of space and we finish the Year with a Pirate assembly for Year 2 parents to showcase our Pirate dance and sea shanties.




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